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Q: Who can benefit from my healing sessions?

A: Individuals from children to senior citizens, people facing ADD/ADHD, depression, panic/anxiety disorders, betrayal and trust issues, overstressed parents, special needs children, executives seeking enhanced leadership or productivity capabilities, patients undergoing dental and medical treatments, and anyone seeking rejuvenation, increased youthfulness and vitality, or improved physical, emotional or spiritual health and balance.


Q: What happens during a session?

A:  Your session will depend on the needs and interests you express. Your session could include yoga, meditation, visualization, Reiki, written visioning, use of cards, sound healing or other healing or intuitive modalities. Your comfort is of primary importance throughout the session. I can answer any questions prior to your meeting.


Q:  How can energy healing such as Reiki and Sekhem help me?

A:  My sessions address and release emotional/physical tension, ailments and varied discomforts. Healing energy flows naturally to any constrictions held within the body to bring transformation and regeneration. This brings serenity and greater sense of clarity that often leads to successful solutions for her clients.


Q; What are the benefits of Reiki?

A:  Reiki revitalizes the physical body and clears energy blockages that debilitate. To a certain degree, it can restore a body to its healthier state. Self-healing implies more than mere bodily healing; it also involves enhancing the quality of your life. Countless people testify to the positive healing effects of Reiki.​The Usui System of Natural Healing and Usui Shiki Ryoho, is a wonderful way to give back to yourself, to literally re-charge yourself with that which, at the deepest level, you have always been. For more, see


Q: What is Sekhem?

A:  The ancient healing modality, Sekhem (aka SKHM), meaning Sacred Power, is an extension of Reiki (the foundation) and Seichim. Basia uses this triangular mix of energies to: alleviate stresses and degeneration within the physical, emotional and mental bodies; help heal broken bones; reduce infections; heal childhood trauma; dissolve unpleasant memories; create and maintain greater optimum health and wellness; enhance intuition; and assist living in love, happiness and prosperity.


Q: Why should I choose Reiki?

A: The purpose of one particular healing modality is to uplift our spirit, heal our body, soothe our mind, and clear out the negative, un-serving emotions. Reiki is a wonderful, unique, profound and safe technique for activating and amplifying the natural life force energy within you. It is a precise way of using light-energy to restore and balance your own vital energy. It is an exact, subtle tool for personal transformation as it connects with your inner self-your Spirit.

Reiki assists the body's energy and ability to heal by raising your energy field/vibratory life force and calming your mind. As Reiki brings in deeper peace and relaxation, stress dissipates. Peace is the gateway to increased wellness and profound healing.

Q. Can I really use Reiki anytime anywhere?

A:  Reiki can be practiced anywhere and at any time. Tune into Reiki while doing chores, studying, sitting in traffic or any situation when you wish for the highest good of any situation. Wherever you go, Reiki is with you!

Basia constantly nourishes her students with beautiful affirmations and plays a great selection of music. It has helped me overcome some inhibitions, as well as celebrating myself. Her guidance is very meaningful and helps me to continue on my path with more clarity and grace.

-Nicole Novoa, Massage Therapist 

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